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Find free and local help from a Certified Insurance Agent, Enrollment Counselor or a County Social Services Office near you.

  • Agents

    Covered California Certified Insurance Agents provide expert free eligibility, application and enrollment assistance. They are licensed by the California Department of Insurance to provide expert insurance information to consumers across the state. Click Find an Agent to contact a Certified Agent for free assistance today.

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  • Certified Enrollment Counselors

    A Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselor is certified by Covered California to provide in-person assistance to consumers in the individual marketplace. These counselors provide dedicated enrollment assistance and post-enrollment support.

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  • County Human Services Agencies

    County Human Services Agencies can tell you about your health coverage options; help you apply and determine your eligibility for assistance in covering all or a portion of the cost. They can also determine your eligibility for nutrition benefits and cash assistance.

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