Covered California

Covered California Certified Enrollers

Helping consumers enroll into high quality healthcare coverage  

Covered California Certified Enrollers include trusted and known organizations such as Certified Insurance Agencies and Certified Enrollment Entities. These organizations are comprised of Certified Insurance Agents and Certified Enrollment Counselors who help consumers learn, navigate, and apply for qualified health, dental, and vision plans offered by Covered California. Select from the appropriate option below to create your Covered California account and begin enrolling consumers into coverage.

To access important resources for Certified Enrollers, visit our    Certified Enroller Resource Page

Certified Insurance Agent & Approved Admin Staff
Certified Enrollment Counselor
Create an account using the delegation code provided by your Agency.
Insurance Agency
Certified Enrollment Counselor
Create your Agency account, even for an Agency of one
Certified Enrollment Counselor
Certified Enrollment Counselor
Create an account if you have a Certified Enrollment Counselor delegation code from an Entity
Certified Enrollment Entity
Certified Enrollment Counselor
Learn how to become a Certified Enrollment Entity